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BMX250T Concrete Mixer Bucket for Euro Hitch

The C&F Concrete Mixer Bucket attaches to your front end loader for easy loading, mixing and unloading of concrete.

Leave the shovel and wheelbarrow in the shed, now you can do it all with your tractor. This fantastic machine connects to your front end loader and lets you mix up to 300 litres of concrete in 3 simple steps:

  1. Loading
  2. Mixing
  3. Unloading

You can unload the mix two different ways; use the unloading tube for accurate placement of concrete for footings or post holes or tip the mix straight out of the bucket when accuracy isn't an issue. All this mixer requires is a third service off your loader valve to run. It has a solenoid valve built in to switch between mixing and opening of the unloading door hydraulically.

The C&F Concrete Mixer Bucket has a Euro hitch loader connection and is perfect for the construction of concrete paving, sewers, and culverts, pavements,races, kerbs and gutters. With easy attachment and removal from your tractor or other machines, there is no need to have more than one one machine on site.

  • Safe  and  Reliable 
  • Fast and easy loading
  • Two rotation directions
  • Discharged through a hydraulic opening door and  flexible unloading shute.
  • Hydraulic  chain drive 
  • Hydraulic motor for an optimal working with low maintenance.
  • Mixer auger in hardox with inversed paddles for a fast and even mix..
  • Works with one 3rd  hydrualic service  and one electric line.

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Capacity: 360L Max
Tractor connection: Front end loader, Euro Hitch coupler. 3rd service required
Bucket construction: High wear and tear steel
Flow rate: 40 LPM
Max Flow Rate: 90 LPM
Working Pressure: 160 Bar
Max Pressure: 241 Bar
Weight: 380 KG
Transmission: Chain Drive with auto tensioner
Width: 1420mm

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