Sierra PTO Stump Grinder

Price: $4,595.00 inc GST

The Sierra PTO Stump Grinder Features a heavy-duty base which anchors the stump grinder to the ground and allows for more efficient grinding performance reducing stress on the tractor linkages. The PTO-driven cutting system delivers 810 RPM to the grinding rotor  and the hydraulic cylinders provide precise horizontal and vertical positioning.
The Stump grinder uses  replaceable carbide teeth for high durablity  and which can easily turn stumps to wood chips in minutes.
 The unit includes PTO shaft with shearbolt protection
Hydraulic hoses  are supplied with 1/2"  male  quick release couplings. ( Your tractor will require 2 pair double acting hydraulic outlets on your tractor to operate the movements on this stump grinder).

Recommended HP 30-50HP
Rotor Size 24’’
Number of Teeth36
Tooth construction Carbide steel bolt-in
Required PTO Speed 540RPM
Cutting Wheel Speed 810 RPM
Cutting Height18”above ground
Cutting Depth 8”below ground
Maximum Cutting Depth(per pass) 6’’
Maximum Horizontal Cut 26’’
Swing Arc 40°
Hitch Category Cat.l or ll with bushes( not supplied) CAT 1 Quick hitch compatiable

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