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Implements Direct is a locally owned agricultural implement distributor. We work with world class manufacturers, distributors and customers.

Our Brands

Implements Direct are the NZ distributor for this range of innovatively engineered products.

"Stick with the big ones"  Thats  Bison's  motto and we are proud to distribute  Bisons  big range of hard working  heavy duty gear for your tractor Produced in North America , bisons range of  products are produced for many OEM brands and sold throughout North America. Offering  heavy duty  build quality for years of working life and high quality production standards produce  

Developed in New Zealand and built in Asia  specifically for the Australasian market. Novaquip products are affordable without sacrificing workmanship. The range of products offered by Novaquip are researched and developed for the needs of lifestyle block and farm owners.


Sierra  tractor attachments make those big tasks on your property more like play. Box blades, Log saws, Bale grabs are just some of the tough, functional products built by Sierra. These implements are made for you and your property so grab your tractor and hook on!


C&F Equipment,  Make a range of attachments for Skidsteer loaders, Excavators and Tractor front end loaders With Italian design ascetics  and superior  workmanship and materials  they make the products that are the right choice to get those big jobs done ! 

Zagroda produce a large range of agricultural and municipal machinery , they offer proven designs  For more than 20 years  have continually followed the development of agriculture in the world, supplying equipment to thousands of customers .Their  ongoing work with the designers, technologists and end users of  the machinery Thieir products are produced in the best Polish Machinery building plants to meet decerning european standards


Hanmey Implements was established in China in 2003 to cater for the small to medium-sized tractor owners across the world. Since this time, Hanmey has developed a large range of high quality implements that are designed for multi type of landscapes. By now Hanmey already has 55 product lines  and more than 250 models of various implements. Hanmey takes pride in exceeding the European design standards. Field testing and evaluation, along with customer feedback has assisted with this commitment to ongoing improvements in design, strength and user friendly operation. Hanmey implements are bulit to survive multi-conditions whilst maintaining low operating costs and high reliability. The Hanmey Implement range is available in a variety of models and sizes to suit your requirements, all at competitive prices.

LIPA  The Company LIPA (ex Libertines) is an industrial group crafting products tailored to the user's most advanced requirements  They feature choices of materials and assembly techniques, which give customers many hours of work with little maintenance. The robustness, quality and attention to detail make our products our workhorse. With an experience of over 35 years with German companies (Willibald), the LIPA guarantees and innovative technical solutions, aimed at helping to increase your productivity with less waste of energy. Our products are designed to stand the test of time making sure that your investment will meet your expectations.


Our Business

Implements Direct is a forward thinking online based supplier of agricultural implements to resellers and end users alike in the Australasian market. By operating solely online, we have the ability to pass the significant savings of our low overheads, bulk buying power and experience on to you. Not only that, we're open all day, every day, and you don't need to fill up the tank to get to us. All our implements are shipped nationwide either to your door or the nearest freight depot.

We are a New Zealand founded and based company run by Kiwis with years of hands on experience with agricultural and construction machinery. It didn't feel right keeping those cheeky buggers across the ditch out of the loop and Implements Direct has a branch in Brisbane  to  provide distribution of products throughout Australia .

If you have any questions about Implements Direct, or our products, head on over to the contact page and drop us a line.

Our Customers

We know our business is all about our customers. What they value, their needs and their preferences. It also never hurts to make sure we deliver on our promises.

Our customers work in all sorts of sectors and industries and may be farmers or horticulturists, agricultural machinery dealers or life style block owners.  Despite these differences they share a number of common goals. There's a few things we know our customers want:

  • To save money by dealing directly with the distributor and the manufacturer 
  • Develop a competitive edge in increasingly competitive business environment
  • Find innovative attachments for their tractor that will enable them to complete those jobs on the property faster and easier
  • See an immediate, online visual demonstration of what our products can do for them and how to use it
  • Solve problems more effectively and be solution-focused

Equally we attract a number of local and international customers and professional suppliers wishing to develop there business with a forward thinking supplier.

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